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Living Lawnmower


   Our first storm of the day passed through about about 8:30 this morning, Another’s to come through before lunch.


Two groundhogs live under our barn — a parent and a young one.


The rain didn’t seem to bother this young one.


It moved along, from one tasty morsel to the next.


It must finally be full.


It took a little time to rest before it went back under barn.

Portrait of Foliose Lichen

This lichen grows on a tree in my backyard.

IMG_8379 crop

It doesn’t know its name. I don’t know its name,

which in no way diminishes my enjoyment of its discovery.

Two More Lichens

This winter was so drab. Seemed like the sun seldom shone — and it wasn’t my imagination.

with hole 2

I don’t burn all the sticks/small logs I find in the yard, for obvious reasons. I wonder if anything lived in the cavity of this blister lichens (Physcia stellaris)?


here the blister lichens grew with the Candelaria concolor lichen. It commonly grows on elm, ash and sugar maple trees.

Winter Aconite

Winter aconites grow from tubers

IMG_0975 red

and need planted about five inches deep, from base of the tuber to the surface if of the soil.

IMG_1035 red

Just leave

IMG_1027 red

them alone and

IMG_1026 red

allow the plants to die back naturally… and the patch will spread.

I photographed these on February 19.

What a Storm!!


Heavy rain fell in sheets.


I took pictures from the picture window near the computer. I never could figure out what was in this picture besides bricks.


The colors and designs kept me spell-bound in this one.


Then I solved the mystery by rotating the picture above. Then it all made sense with the tree was standing upright, instead of reflecting.