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A Little Girl up in the Clouds

What fun it would be to watch the earth from a cloud way up high!

There’s a young cloud-girl on the right side of a cloud, way up high in the sky.

Her dog sits on the opposite side of the shallow cloud-bowl they’re sitting on.

 I wonder what their view looks like from way up high?

Cloud Cap

Clouds started moving about the time I came in the house.

A cap formed on the “mountain” of clouds.

The cloud mound continued to increase in height, and the cloud cap continued to grow and spread. Cloud caps are rare here in southern Illinois.

I don’t know what these long streaks are and what caused them. They don’t look like clouds (More like pulled taffy).

If anyone knows what caused them, I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know.

There were four in a line. They didn’t look like a cloud. They looked more like a cloud twisted into a long cord.

An eastern bluebird stopped for a drink. I haven’t seen one of them recently.



A Flying ????????

I didn’t notice the resemblance when I first looked at this picture.


  What kind of creature flies, disguised as a cloud?


A pterodactyl?

Oh, What A Cloud!!!!

I went out after supper last night and weeded in one of my gardens.


Luckily, I quit at the right time to see this unusual cloud formation in the east.


I definitely have never seen anything like it. I even watched two shows last night on the weather channel, with parts about clouds.


None looked like this one.


The light gradually changed on it.


It started changing at the bottom first.


I zoomed in and out almost constantly.


The whole experience probably only lasted ten minutes or so.


It’s called a strato cumulus undulatus cloud.

Pictures of them in my two weather books show them many close-together paralleling columns. None had a only single one like this.

I will definitely cloud watch more now!

Unusual Bird Behavior

I apologize for total lack of quality in both of these pictures. The cloudy day, being in the house and the distance to the subjects was the way it was.

The groundhog was out for its midday meal. At least there were no longer any flowers and other plants I wouldn’t want to be a meal for it.

While watching it, I saw movement further back in the yard at the burn pile. We have 2 acres. I burned 5 sacks of paper this morning.

A mockingbird perched on a branch and flew quickly down into the pile of ashes, causing a cloud of ash, and then returned to the brush pile. It repeated this 3-4 times, with time between. A male cardinal did the same 1 time. Obviously, there were no smoldering embers.

All I could figure was that the mockingbird was taking a dust bath in the ashes. Birds take dust baths to clean their feathers and skin, and to get rid of mites. Usually they spend more time in the dust during a dust bath than the mockingbird did in the ashes

I had never seen this behavior before. This just proves that one can continually learn from nature for years and years and years.