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A Little Girl up in the Clouds

What fun it would be to watch the earth from a cloud way up high!

There’s a young cloud-girl on the right side of a cloud, way up high in the sky.

Her dog sits on the opposite side of the shallow cloud-bowl they’re sitting on.

 I wonder what their view looks like from way up high?

A Map of ……

IMG_2796 red

My first thought when I saw this rock in my yard was, “an ancient map.”

Now my imagination wanders — a map of somewhere on earth? On a twin earth? Is it a design for a future  planet? Or even for a star that’s not really a star?  Could it even be a map to another universe?

What does it look like in your imagination?

Earth’s Shadow

When my best friend, Therese, emphatically said, “I didn’t know that!” I knew there was a blog.

Before the sun clears the horizon in the morning, it casts a shadow of the earth in the atmosphere in the west. I hurried out at 6:30 this morning to capture the blue of the shadow. The shadow tapered downward to the north and south. It didn’t last long. Obviously it’s the earth rotating, not the sun rising.

This happens in the reverse in the evening. After the sun sinks below the horizon, the earth’s shadow rises in the east.