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Returning Bluebirds

The bluebirds moved into my yard recently.

They wouldn’t show up if it weren’t for their bright colors. They can be easy to see if they’re perched just right in the sunlight. They do brighten up a person’s day.

This picture was taken the same day as the ones of the bluebird. I can’t explain why the picture turned out like it did. The white lines in the foreground are strands of spider silk. The other finer strands are part of a spider web. What I don’t understand are the tiny round spots?

Great Spangled Fritillary

Our butterfly numbers have been low so far this spring.


Then, this morning, I found a great-spangled fritillary perched in my butterfly garden .


It didn’t mind my attention at all, and posed in poses I could use.


Great spangled fritillary (Speyeria cybele cybele) is a common butterfly in southern Illinois from mid-May through early October. Their wingspan of 2.6 to 3.5 inches makes them easy to spot.

Surprise … a Pair of Bluebirds

Buffy and I headed out for a loop walk while the sun still covered most of the backyard.


A female eastern bluebird blended in quite well with the drab barn wood.


The male bluebird perched on the platform where the foxes bask in the sun.


She seemed to be keeping a wary eye on me. Birds generally aren’t this tolerant


I wondered about her thoughts with that glaring stare.


He knew just where to perch for maximum effectiveness in the evening sun.

 The eastern bluebirds arrive in southern Illinois during March into April. I hope they decide to stay and nest in the yard.  Of course we need to have a cavity that fits their specifications.

Cooperative Pair


IMG_3467 crop red

a bluet damselfly landed on a object big enough for my camera to focus on,

IMG_3172 crop red

and an eastern-tailed blue butterfly rested on a leaf a few feet away.