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Wonders in Nature

    I have lots of rocks in the house and many many more edging the gardens in my backyard.

Most were picked for their shape, color and design.

This rock “bowl” holds water and attracts birds. It also reflects any nearby plants.

 Any water movement in this “bowl” reflects small objects, clouds, nearby plants,

and clouds in the sky.

A light wind moves the reflections of a nearby vine.



Arrow Clouds

I was infatuated when I saw these clouds. Their shape slightly resembled an arrow.

 It would be interesting to know how the “arrow” formed … the wind would be involved.

How can one cloud be reversed from the neighboring one?



It’s obvious why there are so many dandelions (Taraxacum officinale) around the yard.


Each flowerhead produces a LOT of seeds …

IMG_6828 crop

with a little help from the insects.


Wind disperses the

IMG_9519 crop

the parachute – like seeds.

IMG_6763 crop

Each dandelion flowerhead contains both female and male flowers.

IMG_6774 crop

Dandelions don’t actually need wind or insects to pollinate the flowers. If you look close at a female flower and follow it down, you’ll see that they each of them is in a tube. The tube is the male flower. So, the female flower becomes pollinated as it grows out through the male flower.

A Honeybee

IMG_9347 crop

A lone honeybee stayed busy gathering pollen in the black ash tree in our backyard.

IMG_9348 crop

It was obvious from the size of its pollen sacs that it was finding plenty to take back to the hive. I wonder how much pollen the sacs can actually hold?

IMG_9358 crop

Ash trees are pollinated by the wind … and maybe with a little help from the honeybee.

The Wind and Trees

IMG_7255 alt red

The wind plays in the trees.

The trees play in the wind.

The wind gusted to 40. I could hear all the fun while watching the limbs sway and bounce.

IMG_7262 crop red

I could hear and feel all the excitement of this weather, like in a children’s picture book I have, titled “Dancing the Breeze,” by George Shannon (published 1991). The father takes his young daughter out, and they dance with the wind among  the flowers.

Even though today was mostly cloudy and so windy, it still had such an excited feel to it … I must have been playing too, trying to capture movement in pictures (which didn’t work).

One of Those Years

 A strong south wind blew, and leaves rained down from all of the hackberry trees in our  yard like they do in the fall … only it was the end of May!

IMG_0764 alt red

Several hackberry trees grow around our 2-acre yard. The one above is the largest; its crown measures  51 feet across.

IMG_0327 crop red

I looked up hackberry trees online and found out that they can have an over-abundance of galls that affect the leaves. Luckily, they don’t affect the health the tree. This is a first for me. I haven’t seen this happen in the almost 40 years we’ve lived here.

Apparently, this is one of those years.

IMG_0331 red

The picture above was taken the day before a strong wind blew all day. It really looked like fall!

IMG_0637 crop red

To say the galls were numerous would be an under statement.

IMG_0409 crop red

Not to mention all the various kinds.

IMG_0413 crop red

This is the underneath side of the one in the picture above.

IMG_0340 crop red This gall will turn brown later in the year. IMG_0640 crop red

The insects that cause the galls are tiny.

IMG_0642 crop red I’m not sure, but I think these galls are different from the ones below.

IMG_0651 crop red

These are on a more woody part of the branch than the ones above.

IMG_0425 crop red

Only an occasional leaf falls in the wind that’s blowing now.

Ripple Variations

  Buffy wanted to visit Jones Lake so she could play in the water. I wasn’t about to argue with her. The sky gradually clouded, and a wind blew as we walked along the lake trail.

IMG_3499 red

Wind pushed the water into ripples.

IMG_3509 red

 Blue sky, and sunlit and shadowed clouds created endless designs.

IMG_3517 red

 Underwater objects could occasionally be seen too,

IMG_3514 red

and added designs from below.

IMG_3522 red

I didn’t know what to expect with each picture I took because of the water’s rapid movements.

IMG_3531 red

Lakes among  snowy mountains?

IMG_3533 red

An underwater jungle?

IMG_3507 red

A shrubby plant reflected as a shrubby plant.

IMG_3535 red

Surface alien beings?

IMG_3538 red

The alien’s homeland?

IMG_3561 red

Then I came to a cove with tree and shrub reflections coming toward me.

IMG_3574 red

The reflections moved SO fast.

IMG_3578 red

A water creature saying “farewell?”


While putting this blog together, I began to wonder …

am I observant or easily amused?

Deserves Respect

The ground crunched under foot in the backyard. The sun shone through very few clouds. The 9 a.m. temperature sat at 27, and the northwest wind blew at 20mph, gusting to 29, making a wind chill of 15.

I walked right up to this dandelion, in full bloom, showing no signs of even knowing it was cold.

IMG_8269 crop alt red

  I know many people consider dandelions to be a weed. Not me. They’re one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring and last in the fall. Butterflies and other insects visit them. Kids of all ages like to blow the seeds from their ball-shaped seedhead.

The flower sure had my respect, and my appreciation for the beauty it added to my day.

A Tree Friend

I have several tree friends. Most I haven’t seen for years because I don’t hike to where they are any more. One tree friend is just down the highway from where I live.

Meet Sir Octopus.

001 red

Sir Octopus swims in the wind, the same as an octopus swims in the water.

In the winter we swim through a sky-blue sea.

When we swim in the summer, its green leaves become seaweed. Birds and butterflies become fish. A lizard becomes a seahorse. A flower garden becomes a coral reef below us. Rocks become clams and oysters. A garter snake becomes an eel, and beetles become shrimp.

We dive to the bottom to look for sunken pirate ships. We swim with the whales, play with the otters and hide from the sharks.

Sometimes I close my eyes and feel the tides of wind move Sir Octopus around.


Sir Octopus is a catalpa. Its shape resulted from trimming over the years to accomodate power lines above it.

No Wonder …

No wonder goldenrods are so prolific. Look at all those seeds!

An inch-and-a-half inflorescence had 21 seedheads. The one above is longer than the one I dissected. Each seedhead had 15 or so seeds! The beige seeds were tinier than tiny. The word miniscule came to mind.

This picture shows the stalks of 2 goldenrod plants. I can’t even imagine how many seeds would be on these 2 plants. Wind will disperse them.